Monday, 25 August 2014 to Friday, 29 August 2014
A Botswana Business delegation led by the country’s investment and trade promotion agency will undertake a trade and investment mission to Mozambique, Maputo on the 25th – 29th August 2014. Botswana Investment and Trade Centre in partnership with the Botswana Embassy in Mozambique will profile and promote Botswana offer to Mozambique in the form of an attractive business environment, the different sector investment opportunities for potential investors to explore and a variety of Botswana made products that are ready for export. 
The mission will coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the Mozambique International Trade Fair (FACIM), which the Botswana companies will participate in to showcase the various high quality products manufactured in Botswana. The mission will pursue an aggressive product marketing and sales program that will include among others a series of pre-arranged one-one-one meetings with product buyers and importers in Mozambique.
A Botswana Investment Forum will also be held on August 26th at Marracuene where the Mozambique business community will get to hear first hand about the business opportunities that exist in Botswana. Sector roundtables and one on one meeting will be arranged for Mozambique companies to meet with the Botswana business delegation. Sectors of focus for the mission include but are not limited to Agriculture and Agro-processing, Education, Business and Financial Services, Information Communication Technology, Tourism and Health Services.
The Trade and Investment mission to Mozambique offers an opportunity for Mozambique companies and buyers of services and goods to interact with Botswana business delegation and potential investment partners.  
“We have interest in Mozambique, its people and companies as partners in our growing, dynamic economy.  We both seek wise partners, partners who value trust, wisdom and stability. FACIM 2014 can decisively contribute to the expansion of local business in Africa and to strengthen our country’s relations. Botswana’s abundance of opportunities can fulfil the business and economic growth interests of Mozambique. Our coal, for example, can meet Mozambique’s future energy needs. Our minerals and metals can fuel your manufacturing industry. Perhaps most importantly, our people, Batswana, our greatest resource, can provide Mozambique with fertile ground for investment in a stable democracy, with a transparent government and an educated workforce”, Letsebe Sejoe, CEO of Botswana Investment and Trade Centre.
Botswana, a country of great prosperity, has a wealth of natural resources, wise people as well as a fertile business environment. Our wealth of natural capital exists in many forms and presents an opportunity for a diverse mix of business activities. Right now, this development potential remains largely untapped. Foreign direct investment will be the engine that fuels this economic growth that is ripe for expansion. Botswana is open for business, and with global industry wanting to sink their roots into the rich soil of our beloved country and local businesses wanting to establish themselves on the global market.
Botswana is also key to a massive international market. The country accords investors preferential access to the SADC's entire marketplace of over 230 million people as well as duty-free access to South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland and both duty-free and quota-free access to the EU market.
The quality of Botswana's workforce is second to none in Africa. There are no labour tensions, the workers are well educated, and as a whole, the people of Botswana are peaceful and responsible. This, together with Botswana's commitment to sound microeconomic policy has led to Botswana having one of the fastest growth rates in per capita income in the world.
Tourism is an increasingly important industry for Botswana, accounting for almost 9.5% of GDP. The Okavango Delta (which has recently been declared a World Heritage Site), located in Botswana, is a major tourism resource as one of the world’s most unique ecosystems.
Why Botswana you ask? Why not? Botswana is stable, peaceful and trustworthy, having been consistently rated as the least corrupt country in Africa by Transparency International.