Brand Botswana

Botswana Pridemark - Brand Botswana

The purpose of our nation brand is to bring Batswana together around a single identity and agreed set of values, in order to stimulate stronger communities, culture and heritage and most importantly instil a greater sense of pride and community engagement in our country.

The brand also positions Botswana to international audiences as an attractive place to visit, work and invest. The national brand highlights:

  • our national assets,
  • looks to differentiate Botswana from its African neighbors,
  • grow our trade performance,
  • stimulate international investment
  • Accelerate innovation and new industry development
  • Enhance the tourism visitation and spend

Administratively, Brand Botswana is responsible for the:

  • development and management of the overall branding, marketing and promotion of the country
  • coordination of branding, marketing and promotions by key national stakeholders such as tourism, export, investment, government entities
  • authorisation to appraise Brand Botswana stakeholder activities, behaviours and communications for compliance with national brand strategy and call stakeholders into account
  • management and licensing of the Botswana brand logo (Pride mark)

The Importance Building a Strong Nation Brand

Building and strengthening Botswana’s brand image would require intensive efforts, actions, support, cooperation and collaboration by all its citizens, companies and institutions to ensure the following:


Produce high quality products and services to the extent that consumers from all over the world proactively seek, procure and consume Botswana goods.

Trade, Investment and Immigration

Herein lays vast opportunities for investors to seize and activate the potential we so proudly speak of. In other words, the national effort to making Botswana attractive to outsiders should translate into more people coming to live, work or study in our country because of the high quality of life and enabling business environment.


When both locals and outsiders regard governance issues in Botswana, our government must enjoy support and trust by being consistently viewed as being fair, transparent and competent. Also, our country’s regard for human rights, national commitment to global issues such as peace and security, justice, poverty and the environment should be beyond reproach.

Culture and Heritage

Like most progressive countries often held in high regard, Botswana would most certainly benefit from being considered as a nation that appreciates its heritage and contemporary culture.


Being the biggest and most valuable asset of the country, Batswana themselves must be known as a friendly, warm and welcoming people. Effectively, Brand Botswana is a catalyst that sets social, economic and cultural processes into motion to make Botswana the Africa’s favourite place to live and work for mutual benefit and success. It is the vehicle through which our nation builds and communicates our collective competitive advantage, and winning characteristics by synthesizing them to improve our nation’s profile and reputation.

Brand Botswana symbol – The Pride Mark

  • The ‘Pride Mark’ is a symbol of a commitment by an individual or group in Botswana to instill pride in the community. 
  • It links to the overall Essence of ‘Pride and Progress’ and the Brand Botswana Blueprint.
  • Each activity or product that carries the Mark must clearly support the Essence of Brand Botswana, deliver positive social outcomes and demonstrate the values of peaceful, progressive, trustworthy and inclusive.
  • Each application to use the Mark will be required to show how the proposed product, activity or project actively supports each of

Additionally, consistent and widespread use of the Pride Mark, by brand partners can foster the necessary repeated exposure.  These actions, coupled with an increased international presence can go a long way in promoting and improving Botswana’s image internationally.