Brand Botswana

Botswana Pridemark - Brand Botswana

Botswana and Investment and Trace Centre (BITC) as the custodian of the national brand, is accountable for the development, implementation and monitoring of the Nation Brand strategies and plans.


The purpose of the nation brand is to galvanise Batswana around a single identity, to stimulate stronger communities, culture and heritage and instil a greater sense of pride and community engagement in our country.

The nation brand also positions Botswana to international audiences as an attractive place to visit, work and invest. It highlights our national assets, including our people, culture, tourism attractions, business potential and reputation as a country with good governance.

Why Brand Botswana?


  • Galvanise the community around an agreed set of values
  • Strengthen Botswana’s visibility and appreciation globally
  • Differentiate Botswana from its African neighbours
  • Grow export revenue
  • Stimulate investment attraction
  • Accelerate innovation and new industry development
  • Enhance the tourism visitation and spend


  • The ‘Pride Mark’ is a symbol of commitment by an individual or group in Botswana to instil pride in the community.
  • It links to the overall essence of “Pride and Progress” and the Brand Botswana Blue print.
  • Each activity or product that carries the Pride Mark must clearly support the Essence of Brand Botswana, deliver positive social outcomes and demonstrate the values of peaceful, progressive, trustworthy and inclusive.
  • Each application to use the Mark will be required to show how the proposed product, activity or project actively supports each of the values.