Brand Botswana Embarks On An International Campaign On BBC World

Monday, 23 March 2015

As part of creating awareness and taking what Botswana has to offer to the rest of the World, Brand Botswana continues to tell the Botswana story through various platforms. Brand Botswana uses various available platforms to make the world aware of Botswana as well as position the country as a destination of choice to live in, work in and invest in.

Brand Botswana has embarked on various international campaigns, the latest being the Botswana campaign to air on the British Broadcasting Company – BBC World on the 23rd March 2015. The commercials are airing on the various BBC World platforms which include; television, social media and digital platforms, and they will run for six months.

The objective of the BBC World campaign is to make audiences around the world aware of Botswana as a country and what Botswana has to offer.  The campaign focuses on four key sectors which are Trade and Investment, Tourism, Culture and Mining.

Botswana competes for a share of the world’s visitors and investment, thus the need to ensure that the country has presence in influential and wide reaching platforms like BBC World. Throughout the campaign, Botswana will capitalise on high traffic platforms across the various BBC World media platforms.

This campaign follows the launch of ‘Doing Business in Botswana’ programme that is currently airing on CNBC Africa Channel 410. The show focuses on promoting investment opportunities in Botswana.  These are major achievements for the country as they will go a long way in promoting Botswana and its offering.