Business Facilitation

BITC provides administrative and business support aimed at facilitating investor applications relating to business registration, licensing, work and residence permits. BITC provides information and advice to potential and existing investors to facilitate the establishment and/or expansion of their business.

Business Facilitation Services

BITC attends to all business facilitation requirements of the investor:

  • Following up on client requests and providing feedback
  • Coordination between relevant government ministries and departments, ensuring action and customer satisfaction
  • BITC liaises closely with regulatory agencies to ensure smooth start to business providing:
  • Incentives for investors
    • Licensing
    • Starting a business bank account
    • Company registration
    • Tax registration
    • Utilities
    • Work and residence permits

Investor Aftercare

BITC identifies and targets improvement in service delivery, achieved though consultation with clients and relevant departments and institutions.

Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Management

BITC engages government ministries, departments and the private sector to ensure that investor expectations are met and to continuously improve turnaround times.

Policy Advocacy

BITC assists in identifying bureaucratic and administrative hurdles associated with investing in Botswana with a view to continually improving the investment environment in Botswana.