Charles Hill

Investment opportunities in the Charles Hill sub-district are:

  • Premium-type overnight accommodation and camping with restaurants or eateries required in Charles Hill, Mamuno to service the tourism trade from Namibia and visiting GoB officials
  • Commercial retail shopping spaces and enterprises required in Charles Hill, Mamuno to service the community and GoB officials
  • Commercial production, in collaboration with local communities at New Xanagas and elsewhere, of:
    • Red carminic acid from Cochineal Dactylopius coccus scale insects on prickly pear leaves to be used for food colouring
    • Products from Devil’s Claw Harpagophytum procumbens, Hoodia Gordonii and other plants endemic to this district
  • The manufacturing of cement in this area, due the predominance of limestone/calcrete deposits especially around Tshootsa (Kalkfontein) on the road to the Buitepos or Mamuno border, could do very well, as plenty heat is required, which can be supplied from the biofuel projects

Opportunities to fulfill procurement needs such as consumables, fresh produce, etc. supply to tourism firms, large industry/companies, district and sub-district councils, and various parastatals.

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