Export Development and Promotion

BITC's Export Enterprise Development function is to identify market outlets for locally manufactured products, with a major strategic focus on discovering and promoting new products that are suitable for export.

Export Promotion Interventions: Missions and Trade Fairs

Working in conjunction with Botswana manufacturers, BITC actively engages in export promotion events in foreign markets, designed to advance the following objectives:

  • Expose Botswana's manufacturers to foreign markets and increase the number of exporting companies that export by heightening their awareness of potential export opportunities; training and guiding to their first export sales.
  • Promote Botswana products in foreign markets and increase export sales.
  • Train and guide existing exporters and potential exporters in consolidating foreign market presence and in product diversification.
  • Penetrate new markets.
  • Expand Botswana's market share both regionally and internationally
  • BITC’s Export Development programme aims to diversify and expand the country’s exports; training companies to be export ready, with a special focus on targeting sectors highlighted in the National Export Strategy and identifying potential sectors for growth. The programme promises hands-on practical experience in production techniques to improve product design, quality and productivity. Companies also receive training to develop export driven products and robust marketing plans.