Export Development Programme

BITC's Export Development Programme (EDP) provides an opportunity for companies to achieve their market expansion objectives in Botswana.

BITC's mandate is to promote Botswana as the leading destination for investment and trade in Africa with a focus on accelerated economic growth and diversification, employment creation and export development.

The EDP aims to increase exports, of products and services that add domestic value and contribute to the diversification of the economy. It provides a platform to ensure participating companies are given intensive support to enhance their export competitiveness establish a significant foothold in regional and international markets. The programme offers an integrated approach to training and educating potential exporters, and takes into account the needs of larger and established exporters.

Targeted sectors for the EDP are textiles and garments, meat and meat processing, jewellery making, furniture, arts and crafts, services, leather and leather products, glass and glass products and chemicals. Companies outside the targeted sectors will also be considered.

Qualifying Criteria

To be enrolled into the programme, companies must:

  • Have firm interest and commitment to export.
  • Have minimum annual turnover of P500,000.
  • Be a Botswana registered company.

Interested companies must send their detailed business profile to ntaput@bitc.co.bw or majakgesak@bitc.co.bw.