High priority investment areas in the Gantsi District

Opportunity Sub-district or Town Estimated CAPEX
Copper, nickel Kuke and surrounds Subject to in-depth exploration and assessment
Aggregates Kuke area As above
Joint Ventures (JV) with RAD communities and hunting block concessionaires CKGR and RAD communities on the western side near the Namibian border south of Charles Hill Subject to negotiations
Okwa Nature Camp New Xanagas community land  
JV with land owners or lessees for cattle and game ranching Lease- and Freehold land in the district Subject to negotiations
Cement Establish at limestone/calcrete deposits  
Brick blocks As above  
Salt for export At selected salt pans in the district, mainly south of Charles Hill, Areas with densest bush encroachment  
Oxalic acid for export As above  
High-quality charcoal for export As above  
Livestock feed – import substitution As above  
Electricity generation As above  
Liquid vehicle fuels As required in the district per 100 units  
Low cost housing    

Other investment opportunities around Gantsi are:

  • Pottery, crafts, basket weaving, etc. – some craft businesses exist in this area such as,
    • Beadwork, Qabo
    • Various projects of the Kuru Family of Organisations (KFO10 - nine NGO‟s in all) working with the San in three districts and more than 30 communities throughout Western Botswana area with a variety of projects such as:
      • Kuru Museum and Cultural Centre, D‟Kar
      • Kuru Art Project
      • Gantsi Crafts such as pottery and basketry
  • Music & Dance such as the Kuru Dance Festival held every year in August, features the traditional song and dance of Kalahari dwellers, and brings visitors from all over the world. The festival is organised by the Kuru D‟Kar Trust, part of the KFO
  • An abattoir and meat processing plant in Gantsi to supply beef, mutton and venison locally in collaboration with Gantsi District Council
  • Small-scale horticultural, livestock, etc. developments based around the utilisation and recycling of treated sewerage water from the various water treatment plants in the district
  • Large commercial Olive Oil plantation project – Export Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Eco-tourism JV with RAD communities – south of Charles Hill in the Ncojane area, Okwa River Valley and CKGR is excellent for this type of development
  • Farming JV with freehold land owners and lessees, where they are in danger of having their farms repossessed, or with local communities not utilising their farming land allocations
  • Premium-type overnight accommodation, camping and a 24/7/365 Highway Truck Stop with restaurants or eateries required at Junction 44 on the A2 Trans-Kalahari Highway
  • Depot for cement, salt, firewood and charcoal at Junction 44 and Kang on the A2 Trans-Kalahari Highway for transport on cheap backloads to export destinations through Walvis Bay or South Africa (where trucks arrive from Namibia or turn west to the Mamuno/Buitepos border post into Namibia and turn south to South Africa. Many trucks are going back to South Africa empty from Namibia in the west and Namibia or Zambia in the north and should be amenable to cheap “backloads”)
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