Key Topics Before Exporting

Key Things to Remember:

  • Export regulations vary, depending on the country you’re exporting to. Read carefully the rules applying to your product in the destination country.
  • You need to submit an export declaration, may need an export licence, may need to pay custom duties in the destination country and may need a certificate of origin. Check it before your product leaves Botswana.

If you plan to start exporting, you’ll need to follow the rules depending on whether your goods or services are going to a country:

You can use a commercial agent or a freight forwarder if you don’t want to deal with export procedures yourself.  Anyhow, read these pages carefully as you will need to learn this before exporting.


  • Contact a BITC export adviser in your area for help with starting to export. BITC provides small and medium-sized businesses with export training and coaching.
  • Contact BECI for advice on trade finance and insurance for exporting.
  • Contact BOBS for further information on norms and standards.

Product Codes

The first thing you need before exporting is to find out the code for your product.

All products traded in the world are classified. You need to know your product’s code to identify the legal requirements, duties and tax rates applying to your case.

Learn how to classify your product via: