There is no framework at the EU-level for the labelling of leather products. However, there are a number of pieces of legislation that are of particular relevance.

The rules on textile fibre names and related labelling and marking of the fibre composition of textile products require to include a label with information about the textile’s fibre composition using harmonised fibre names.

The rules on labelling of the materials used in the main components of footwear for sale to the consumer affects footwear and, specifically its leather components. It establishes that the authenticity of the leather material used in footwear is to be guaranteed by the label.  To do so, you must use a set of simple and easily recognisable pictograms. Leather components of footwear need to be represented as follows: 

  • Pure leather is represented by a symbol resembling a stretched out raw hide:

  • Coated leather (i.e., leather where its surface consists of a glue or surface (coating) which is more than 0.15 mm, but less than one third of the total thickness of the product) is represented with the following pictogram: