Mining Licence

Documents Required for Mining Licence Applications

Application forms can be downloaded from the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources website: The following documents need to be submitted:

  1. Completed Application Form V. If the application is submitted on your behalf by consultant, the applicant should include a letter naming the consultant as their representative. The applicant should include their postal address, telephone and fax numbers.
  2. A certified copy of company registration certificate or Certificate of Incorporation.
  3. Prospecting report approved by Department of Geological Surveys or a copy of prospecting waiver including retention or mining licence of the holder.
  4. Diagram depicting total area, coordinates and planned development of prospective mining location, and an archaeological clearance certificate from the Department of National Museum, Monuments and Art Gallery.
  5. Detailed feasibility report containing:
    1. Details of mineral deposits, including all mineral resources and reserves (measured, indicated, inferred, probable and proven) and mining conditions.
    2. Technical report detailing mining and treatment options and intended operations.
    3. Proposed programme of mining operations, which should include estimated date by which applicant intends to work for profit, initial position(s) of quarry (quarries), coordinates of surface rights, estimated recovery rates, nature of product, and proposed sales and marketing arrangements.
    4. Environmental impact assessment study and proposed environmental management programme.
    5. Capital investment and cash flow forecasts and details of anticipated financial plan.
    6. Proposed number of employees and employee training programme.
    7. Outline detailing proposed sources of goods and services.
    8. Details of expected infrastructure (e.g., access roads, electricity and water supply).
    9. Clearance from Department of Wildlife and National Parks, if development is within a game reserve or national park.