Investment opportunities in the Okavango sub-district are:

  • Pottery, crafts, basket weaving, etc. – some craft businesses exist in this area such as,
    • Nqwao Boswa Basketry, Gumare
    • Etsha Baskets, Etsha 6
    • Trust for Okavango Cultural & Development Initiatives, Shakawe
    • Beadwork, Tsodilo
  • Housing development at Shakawe for the burgeoning KAZA TCFA development
  • Commercial retail shopping spaces and enterprises required in Gumare to service the community and the GoB officials
  • Opportunities to fulfil procurement needs such as consumables, fresh produce, etc. supply to tourism firms, large industry/companies, district and sub-district councils, Botswana Meat Commission (BMC), Maun and other parastatals
  • Housing and infrastructural development in the area centred around Shakawe, being touted as potentially the next “Riviera of Africa” riding on the platform afforded by the KAZA TCFA development on both sides of the Okavango River around Mohembo and Shakawe, and depending on the success and popularity of the initiative, this development may even stretch further down the panhandle to Seronga and beyond.
  • Potential borehole drilling opportunities on the western side of the Okavango River to the Namibian border to facilitate the possible relocation of people from both sides of the Okavango River panhandle, presumably in preparation for the establishment of the western “Riviera of Africa” for the KAZA TCFA development on the Okavango River.
  • The KAZA TFCA MOU was signed on 7th December 2006 by representatives from the participating governments of the countries into which the KAZA TFCA Imitative extends
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