Organic, Niche Market

Organic processed fruit and vegetables and edible nuts are produced and processed by natural techniques (e.g. crops rotation, biological crop protection, green manure, compost). Although growing, the size of the market is still relatively small. To market processed fruit and vegetables and edible nuts in the EU as organic, they must be grown using organic production methods which are laid down in EU legislation and growing and processing facilities must be audited by an accredited certifier, before you may put the EU organic logo on your products, as well as the logo of the standard holder (e.g. Soil Association in the UK, Naturland in Germany).


  • Implementing organic production and becoming certified can be expensive. In the current market the return on investment may not be high. On the other hand it can increase yields and improve quality.
  • Check the Soil Association standard for Food and drink to get an idea of the requirements of organic production.
  • Consult the Standards Map database for the different organic labels and standards.