The purpose of this process is for quality assurance at two levels. Firstly, an assessment of the product/environment in which the Pride Mark is employed and secondly, to ensure that the Pride Mark has been correctly applied.

1. Application

Prospective users can apply to use the Pride Mark by submitting an application to BITC through the Brand Botswana Office. The application requires the completion of an application form and submission of the item/object/work that the Pride Mark will be used on.

2. Evaluation

The Brand Botswana Office will prepare an evaluation report detailing success or failure against prescribed criteria.

3. Successful, Unsuccessful or Pending

Applications receive one of three possible statuses: Successful, Unsuccessful or Pending.

Successful applicants will be issued a Certificate of Compliance valid for a limited time frame and only applicable to the approved use of the Pride Mark as stipulated on the application form.

Unsuccessful applicants are notified by letter and are offered the opportunity to re-submit components of their application for re-evaluation.

Pending applicants are notified by letters, as further information from the applicant is required in order to complete an adequate review.

4. Compliance

The applicant will receive electronic copies of the Pride Mark and Brand Guidelines to assist in its proper application. The applicant will also be consulted on the intended use of the Pride Mark.

5. Artwork Approval

Final artwork showing the application of the Pride Mark must be sent to the Brand Botswana Office for approval.