Cargo Freight and Logistics


Centrally located in SADC, Botswana offers landlinked access to seven fast-growing markets and serves as the perfect location to leverage regional trade growth, with intraregional transport volumes expected to more than double within the next two decades. According to the World Economic Forum, Botswana has the best landlocked infrastructure in Africa and the third best logistics operating environment in the region.

It provides an alternative route to SADC’s other highly congested corridors, such as the route from South Africa through Zimbabwe and further north to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and is able to leverage favourable port, rail and road infrastructure in neighbouring South Africa and Namibia. Botswana has committed significant investment to develop new and revitalise existing transport corridors making use of road, rail, airports, dry ports and one-stop border posts. Worthy of note is the P1.4 billion Kazungula Bridge Project linking Botswana and Zambia and opening up possibilities of accessing SADC further up by road. Read more here about this sector: