Financial and Business Services



Certified International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) Companies enjoy competitive incentives including:

  • A competitive corporate tax incentive framework.
  • Exemption from Capital Gains Tax and Withholding Tax.
  • Access to an expanding Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty Network.
  • Denomination of Share Capital in any major convertible currency.
  • Botswana has no foreign exchange controls.


IFSC Company

Non IFSC Company

Corporate Tax



Value Added Tax

Zero Rated


Capital Gains Tax



Withholding Tax



IFSC Sectors

International Insurance

Botswana is an attractive location to establish internationally traded insurance services such as reinsurance and captive insurance focused on the African market.

International Business Companies (Regional Holding Companies)

International Business Companies (IBCs) present the most immediate potential for growth in Africa from an IFSC platform. IBCs cut across sectors and operate in several sub - Saharan countries and are typically Investment Companies or Regional Headquarters operations.

International Banking

Banking entities within Botswana's IFSC can provide corporate, international, investment and merchant banking, including leasing finance, asset management, stock-broking and treasury services.

Business Process Outsourcing and Call Centres

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a rapidly developing sector in Botswana owing to a highly educated, English speaking population. Botswana is an ideal and competitive location for BPO centres and call centres in mainland Africa.

International Investments Funds

The IFSC is continually seeking opportunities to secure the establishment, management and location of more Pan – African investment funds in Botswana.

Opportunities in this Sector

See below for the opportunities in this Sector accross various districts in Botswana...