The Botswana healthcare system is comprised of both Government (Public) and Private Sector service providers. Public Sector healthcare services are provided free or for a minimal fee to citizens and foreign nationals pay reasonable subsidized fees. Healthcare delivery is decentralised with an extensive network of primary healthcare facilities: hospitals, clinics, health posts and mobile stops.

A 450 bed Medical Teaching Hospital is expected to open in 2014/15 encompassing both undergraduate and post graduate studies, healthcare and research. It is hoped that this will improve quality of healthcare through highly trained personnel.

Partnership with international institutions and organizations is expected to strengthen the health care system and improve quality of care.

Public Sector Resources

  • 2 acute care referral hospitals
    • Southern (+500 beds)
    • Northern (435 beds)
  • 1 referral psychiatric hospital (300 beds)
  • 7 District hospitals (270-330 beds)
  • 16 Primary hospitals and three mine hospitals (50-90 beds)
  • Multiple regional clinics (20-30 beds)

Private Sector Resources

  • 2 hospitals in Gaborone (300 beds) and a smaller private hospital in Francistown
  • Multiple private practices offering comprehensive health services nationwide
  • Specialised outsourced services in partnership with Government available to the public sector, such as haemodialysis and cardiology services.

Investment Opportunities

Diagnostic Facilities (imaging and laboratory)

Many diagnostic and laboratory analysis services are located outside Botswana a resulting in long delays in analysis.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries

Botswana imports all of its pharmaceutical products from Europe, Asia and the Americas and all biomedical equipment is imported

Medical tourism

Globally, medical tourism is growing at between 20 and 30 percent annually and is an industry worth about US$100 billion. Botswana expects to improve its service delivery of specialised healthcare through the development of clinical centres and human resource development in the health sciences.

For more information on Health Sector Investment Opportunities, contact the Health Hub at +267 3632689.

Opportunities in this Sector

See below for the opportunities in this Sector accross various districts in Botswana...