The need to develop a diversified and robust manufacturing sector is a key agenda in government efforts to identify potential growth areas beyond the exploitation of its mineral wealth, which has been central to its transformation into a middle-income country, but which at the same time makes it susceptible to the vagaries of a fickle global economic order. Opportunities presented by the manufacturing sector covers a wide array of sectors such as food and beverages, textiles and garments, jewellery making, metal and metal products amongst others. At a national level, these opportunities are presented through the country’s high import bill, which has led to the government to develop complementary policies (Economic Diversification Drive) to promote the sector. Below are some of the salient features of the manufacturing sector in Botswana:

  • Import Bill: P61.9 Bln as at 2012. (For November 2013 - Fuel 15.6%, Machinery & Electrical equipment 14.9%,  Food, Beverages & Tobacco  Chemicals & Rubber Products at  12.9% respectively, Diamonds – 12.8%, vehicle & transport equipment – 11%, Metal & Metal products 5.9%)  SB, 2014
  • Economic Diversification Drive
  • Beneficiation of Raw materials (beef, leather, minerals, glass manufacturing)
  • Textile Industry Strategy has been  developed to upgrade the garments industry
  • Economic efficiency and international competitiveness
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Production of goods and services for export
  • Raw materials in abundance

Opportunities in this Sector

See below for the opportunities in this Sector accross various districts in Botswana...