Transport and Logistics


Targeted projects and policy interventions in the transport sector have been established with the goal of developing Botswana as a transport hub within the SADC region. It is hoped that the transport and logistics industry become a major growth sector, stimulating economic diversification.

Investment Opportunities

Air Cargo Hub

In 2009, the Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) conducted a feasibility study on cargo and logistics facilities, identifying opportunities for an air cargo hub at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (SSKIA) in Gaborone specifically to handle perishable goods. It is though that the hub could attract both freight and passenger airlines to provide cargo capacity at SSKIA. Such a hub would add value to logistics, transport and secondary storage facilities, for both export and import. Further the hub would eventually provide; air cargo transport (on freighters and passenger airlines), ground handling services, imports and exports, customs, health inspections, agricultural inspections, trucking, general and specialised storage (including cold storage), and value-added logistics. Other services supporting the hub would include fire and rescue, repair and maintenance, and security.

Trans-Kgalagadi Rail line Corridor

Investment opportunities exist in railway expansion along the Trans-Kgalagadi Corridor, connecting Maputo, Johannesburg, Gaborone, Windhoek and Walvis Bay:

  • Possibility of Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Access to SADC region equals increased freight and passenger traffic through Botswana.
  • Potential for an expanded market as mining and other sectors develop along the corridor.
  • Easy access to major transport nodes is a key competitive advantage.
  • Proximity to high volume raw material extraction.

Heavy Haul Railway Line between Botswana and Mozambique (Techobanine)

A well-developed rail network along the Trans-Kgalagadi Corridor will connect coal and other heavy extraction industries to a deep water port on the Indian Ocean, with access to the Asian market.

Opportunities in this Sector

See below for the opportunities in this Sector accross various districts in Botswana...