Using the Pride Mark

Primary Purpose of the Pride Mark

  • The ‘Pride Mark’ is a symbol of commitment by an individual or group in Botswana to instil pride in the community.
  • Links to the overall essence of “Pride and Progress” and the Brand Botswana Blue print.
  • Each activity or product that carries the Pride Mark must clearly support the Essence of Brand Botswana, deliver positive social outcomes and demonstrate peaceful, progressive, trustworthy and inclusive values
  • Each application of the Mark will be required to show how the proposed product, activity or project actively supports each of the values.

Background to the Pride Mark

The Pride Mark was launched in April 2010, and provides a symbolic connection for community-based projects within Botswana and abroad. The Pride Mark is linked to the overall brand essence of 'Pride and Progress' and the Brand Botswana Blueprint.

The Pride Mark symbolises the pride of Batswana in community activities, events and projects. It also symbolises progress and the exportation of Botswana's quality and excellence to international markets.

Individual project leaders or organisations can apply to BITC through the Brand Botswana Office for authorised use of the Pride Mark.

Categories of Use


A Product made in Botswana, specifically designed to stimulate pride in the community and produced in a manner consistent with the country's values.

Examples of products that can display the Pride Mark include:

  • On the front/back of a published photographic book of community heroes
  • On the front/back of a CD of musical recording of local artists.
  • On the tag of locally made craft products developed by collectives of Batswana.


A project or event that is designed to develop community outcomes and express pride in Batswana, their community and their country.

Examples of events/activities/projects that can display the Pride Mark include:

  • Campaign banners, flags or brochures that raise social and/or health awareness.
  • At local festivals that promote pride in the community or are an expression of Botswana's culture and heritage.
  • Promotional material for local competitions based on cultural expression.
  • Promotional material for cultural education courses hat increase awareness about Setswana culture and its practices.

Community Group/Collective of People

An organisation, group of people or community that has demonstrated over a minimum period of 12 months that they have consistently managed/governed systems and programmes to grow community value and instil pride.

Examples of places/areas that the Pride Mark could be used include:

  • The entrance sign to a village
  • The local town hall/council/kgotla
  • During festivals or events aimed at instilling pride in the community.

Cultural Expressions

Any form of cultural expression, such as music and digital, visual and performing arts that are inspired by a sense of pride in the local community.

Examples of cultural expressions where the Pride Mark can be used:

  • Promotional material for a local production which includes Batswana talent.
  • On a local art gallery or exhibition that displays Batswana artistic talent.

International Pride Expression

Organisations, agencies and businesses responsible for the international marketing and promotion of Botswana products and services, including tourism, can apply to use the Pride Mark in recognition of proven community development initiatives.

Examples of applications of the Pride Mark include:

  • Marketing material, outdoor advertising, trade shows and digital communications.