Water Connection

The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) is responsible for all water connections, and has offices in all major urban centres. There are different requirements for residential and commercial/industrial connections. For residential connections the size of the dwelling determines the connection fee, according to whether the dwelling is classified as low-cost, medium-cost or high-cost.

The full list of requirements is as follows:

  1. Copy of Omang (citizen) or passport (non-citizen).
  2. Certificate of Rights for land use. This could be a lease agreement, a title deed or a letter of allocation of land.
  3. Document of matrimonial status (where applicable) for residential and if the property is in the name of a woman.
  4. Connection fees. Residential: low-cost dwelling P50.00; medium-cost dwelling P150.00; high-cost dwelling P250.00. Commercial: P1,800.00.
  5. Company registration certificate.
  6. Completed application form and official stamp.
  7. On industrial plots the applicant is required to purchase and install all plumbing. WUC only provide connections up to the boundary of the plot.

Connection for residential property normally takes between 1 and 3 weeks; for industrial property this can take several months.

Power Connection

Connection to electricity supply is provided by the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) as follows:

  1. Complete an application form from any BPC office.
  2. Completed forms with diagram of the premises to be electrified must be submitted at any BPC office, regardless of the location of the premises.
  3. If the application is submitted by letter, the customer’s full details must be given, including with details of the required installation and the size of power supply.
  4. Landlord's written consent for power installation in the case of a lease agreement.
  5. On receipt of a signed application, BPC will send an acknowledgement letter including the Business Partner Number.
  6. Within 21 days from date of receipt of an application, the applicant will receive a Quotation/Pro-forma Invoice which detailing fees and payment terms.
  7. The Quotation remains valid for 30 days or 1 month from the date of issue.
  8. Payment for new connections requires:
  • A valid quotation
  • Omang (citizens or Passport (non- citizens)
  • Title Deeds, Land Board Certificate or Lease Agreement
  • Occupational Letter (Institutional Houses) Title to the property
  1. A Security Deposit is payable upfront for a conventional metered supply
  2. On receipt of payment, BPC undertakes to provide supply: within 21 days for a direct service connection and within 90 days additional capital investment in infrastructure is involved.
  3. The customer is responsible for wiring and installation within the property, however consultation with BPC is recommended.
  4. In villages still using conventional meters, provision should be made for an approved meter box. A roof entry box and a shackle are required for overhead service.
  5.  Upon completion of installation and availability of supply, an appointment with the BPC Metering and Inspection Department for testing must be made. The first test will be carried out at no charge.
  6. The electrician or handyman who carried out the installation within the premises is required to be present during this test.
  7. When the installation passes the inspection test, a certificate will be issued. If the customer has paid the security deposit and completed all final requirements, power supply will begin. If the installation fails an inspection, a re-inspection appointment must be made.
  8. Certificates issued by the Department of Building and Engineering Services, for government projects, or by a BPC approved consultant on behalf of the Corporation are acceptable proof having passed an inspection.

Telephone Connection

Both fixed and mobile lines are widely available to businesses and individuals. Fixed lines are supplied by Botswana Telecommunications.

Landline Connection

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation applicants must submit completed BTC forms together with the following documents:

  1. Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certified copy of Form 2 or 13 and 14 (List of Directors)
  3. Certified copies of Omang for 2 directors
  4. Certified copy of VAT registration certificate
  5. Three months bank statement or letter of reference from the bank stating the new account number
  6. BTC application form to accompany the above
  7. Diagram/map for rural area installations

Mobile Phone – Business Connection (Post-Paid)

Applicants must provide their service provider with the following documentation:

  1. Copy of Omang/passport
  2. Payslip or proof of income
  3. Last 3 months of bank statements
  4. Utility bill or proof of residence
  5. Work and residence permits valid for at least 2 years (non-citizens)
  6. List of directors
  7. Certificate of Incorporation
  8. Utility bill (BTC/WUC/BPC)
  9. Letter requesting a credit account and stating payment responsibility

Mobile Phone – Personal Connection

The following information is required:

  1. Identification; Omang (citizens) and passports (non-citizens) for pre-paid service
  2. Proof of physical address and bank details for contract service

Internet Connection

Internet service providers (ISPs) are regulated by the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA). There are over thirty ISPs registered by BOCRA. Telephone services providers (BTC, Mascom and Orange) are also ISPs.

Applicants must provide the following information to the service provider:

  1. Certified copy of incorporation
  2. Certified copy of Form 2 or 13 and 14 (List of directors)
  3. Certified copies of Omang for 2 directors
  4. Certified copy of VAT registration certificate
  5. Last 3 months bank statement or letter of reference from the bank stating new account number if applicable
  6. BTC application form
  7. Diagram/map for rural area installations

Non-citizen directors should provide the additional information:

  • Work and residence permits
  • Copy of passport